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Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life!

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Creative Changes is owned and operated by Pat Coughlin Mawson with over 23 years of hypnotherapy experience. She specializes in several areas of hypnosis, but can create a hypnosis program to suit any need. Hypnosis can be used to change and improve any area of your life, and personalized hypnosis is the most powerful form.

Common areas that clients request hypnosis for are:

Smoking, Weight Loss, Pain Control, Phobias, Stress, Lack of Energy, Athletic Improvement, Disease Control, Anger Management, Increased Focus, Increased Productivity, Higher Self Esteem, Sleep Problems, Depression, Anxiety, Stroke Recovery, Healing, Natural Childbirth, Past Life Regression and many others.

All fees are $1. per minute / $60. per hour. Additional sessions are offered at a reduced rates. Sessions can be recorded for an additional fee.

Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

Together we can create a personalized program just for you.


Introducing self-hypnosis techniques for reducing physical and emotional discomfort

Eliminate Stress

Learn techniques to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and reprogram specific behavior patterns.

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